Consequences of Having No Data Protection

Business data protection is a key element in the success of several enterprises. Employing these methods in everyday operations can have quite an advantage in the long run. But what happens when you do the exact opposite and forego such services? It may seem inconsequential for big businesses because of the “too big to fail” mentality and for small businesses because of the notion that they’re not big enough to lose much. But on the contrary, there are a lot of consequences that can happen if you were to decide protection wasn’t worth investing in.

Sensitive information will be compromised

Part of any organization’s data bank are loads of information both from the people in the company and its customers. This often includes stuff such as names, contact info, addresses, and other similar information. Losing this without any backups can cause a huge gap in terms of the necessary data you need to have on your employees and customers. Not to mention that it could fall in the wrong hands without added plans of action.

Legal issues will arise

Another consequence of such data loss is that it can be quite the battle legally. If you are keeping information on your clients, the Data Protection Act states that part of your responsibility is to keep it safe and secure. Having it somehow deleted from your bank without anything to fall back on can be a legal slight, and you’d have to face charges and possibly pay damages. This in turn can also lead to a mark in your company’s record, which makes it difficult to get more customers to avail of your services.

Both customer and investor trust will fall

One of the most important aspects that keep a business going is the trust it has acquired over the years – whether it be from the customers or the investors. Experiencing an information breach and losing pertinent assets affect your brand value and trust negatively. If people can’t trust your company to have any sort of backup plans, why would they place faith in you? Figures have shown that the reputation of companies, big or small, have taken a hit once they had experienced security breaches. It shows to outsiders that these companies cannot handle safeguarding data, which is why backup and data protection are of utmost importance to avoid such instances.

These three items are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the consequences you may face without the safety net of business data protection. Not being prepared can have quite an effect on your business from both an internal and external standpoint. At Sandz, we can help ensure your enterprise is protected through effective backup and data recovery solutions. Contact us now to get started!