4 Questions to Ask Before Using Cloud Storage

Today’s technology has made it possible to live life more conveniently. Cloud storage solutions, for example, lets us access all the files we have seamlessly across any device. Meanwhile, Remote servers are safely kept by a hosting company, doing its job to secure your data.

According to PC Magazine, cloud storage solutions today offer various advantages that could make your work extra efficient, like productivity gains and reduced local storage requirements. Before you shop for one, make sure to ask these questions to avoid existing mishaps in the future.

#1: Will it suit my primary use?

There are various pros and cons to each cloud storage product in the market. However, you can leverage which one will be more cost-effective by outlining your needs first. TechTarget suggests this major decision point before proceeding: are you going to use the cloud for primary storage, backup, disaster recovery, or collaboration? Determine this first before anything else. By doing so, you get a better picture of which features you will need.

#2: What SLA do they offer?

The golden rule before conducting business with any entity is always to read the fine print. That being said, make sure that the SLA of your chosen cloud database is realistic and suits your digital storage needs before you even use their services. Most importantly, know what happens if they do not meet those terms.

#3: What is their breach history?

No matter how attractive the pricing and features might be, it won’t hurt if you also check how they deal and recover from a breach. InfoStor says that doing so gives you a better indication of how secure your data might be in practice. Review the causes of the attack/s as well as their recovery time for containing the breach/es. See if the security measures they have in place are effective and at-par with industry regulations.

#4: Do they offer customer support?

Most cloud storages offer some support, but it’s best to know a few more things. Check their availability hours and up to what extent can their support team help out on-demand. You can also ask what’s the usual timeframe when escalating mid-level concerns so you can set your expectations.

As a business owner, your organization’s security should be your utmost priority. More and more companies are choosing to store their data in highly trusted cloud databases like Sandz Solutions to keep up with the changing times.

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